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PDF version of Builders of the Future - Autumn 2003
PDF version of Builders of the Future - Autumn 2003
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This issue includes in-depth articles on the following subjects:
The poor man of photovoltaics: Britain is lagging way behind most other parts of the world in solar PV development, production and installation. Can we rely on the government’s current PV installation grant scheme to lead us to a brighter, more energy independent future or is the UK going to be left floundering in the dark beneath sunny skies? Keith Howarth investigates

Take care of your cordless: In this modern world, many of the devices we buy and use are available in cordless, battery powered versions. It’s hard to deny that these cordless devices are easy to use, portable, and allow us to work and play far from the wall socket, but how can we maintain the battery life to reduce the need for constant replacment. Richard Perez of Home Power magazine muses ...

Ecohouses as teaching and learning tools: The drive for cheap prestige has resulted in building types with thinner tighter skins and lower mass that are less robust and increasingly prone to failure. All this at a time when it is the responsibility of the present generation to prepare society, and its buildings, for the momentous changes ahead including climate change, unreliability of energy supplies, the gradual diminution of conventional fossil fuel availability and the inevitable increase in its costs. Sue Roaf examines the Ecohouse as a learning tool.

Wood pellets, a fuel for the 21st century: In January 2003 , the Pilkington Energy Efficiency Trust and Envirogen Sustainable Resources Ltd. commissioned architectural consultants XCO2 to carry out a study on the benefits of heating with wood pellet fuel. The study aims to inform key decision makers about the considerable benefits of wood pellet heating – a fuel for the 21st century. Andrew Cox of XC02 reports.

Build a house that will be loved!: Creating a home that remains desireable is a crucial factor for the future of eco-house building and sustainable development. Now that we know how to build eco-houses successfully, how can we ensure that they sell at the premium needed to cover the extra build costs? If the eco-home is to be truly sustainable, how can we ensure that it will be lived in for many future generations? Same philosophy - it needs to be loved. Bob Tomlinson of The Living Earth Trust explains...

Extreme refurbishment: Creating a low carbon economy’ calls for a 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. If we are serious about this reduction, then the energy performance of houses throughout the UK will need to be significantly improved. Refurbishment will need to go beyond cavity wall insulation, double glazing and a condensing boiler. John Willoughby reports ...

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