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Here is our full back issue catalogue listed in reverse date order, (newest first). If an issue that you are looking for is not in this list then please let us know!

Winter 2013: Low tech

GBmag Winter 2013
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Cover story: Sustainable buildings are often defined by the green technologies that adorn their surfaces, usually at a high embodied energy and financial cost. Other green buildings have avoided active technologies, but in both cases many would argue that much of sustainable design is often at best aesthetically and spatially uninspiring and unremarkable. Wilf Meynell describes the new home that he has been developing...

Autumn 2013: An airtight case

GBmag Autumn 2013
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Cover story: - Renovating and retrofitting an existing property is challenging for so many reasons. When you add the requirement for airtightness to this it throws up a whole new bunch of challenges and expectations, many of which builders are still to learn how best to approach. Kate Ball has kindly taken the time out to tell us of some of those challenges and how the design and build team helped her achieve the objectives that she had hoped for...

Summer 2013: Eco-hub wins Local Praise

GBmag Summer 2013
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Cover story: Lordship Recreation Ground is a well loved park, with an enthusiastic and committed group of friends who had already done lots of volunteering work - clearing the lake and planting trees. The Eco-hub, straw bale building was a key part of a lottery bid for furthering this community project. Fran Bradshaw and Junko Suetake report...

Spring 2013: A straw bale Adventure

GBmag Winter 2012
Price: £4.50

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Cover story: "Itís not every day that you get the opportunity to build something reasonably pioneering and, unless a project is self-build, it is even rarer to indulge such extravagances as exploration. However, the opportunity arose for us in 2011, when we were approached by the National Trust to help resolve the rebuilding of a pair of listed thatched cottages, which had been totally lost to fire within a Dorset Conservation Area", says Melanie Latham, reporting on the project in this article.

Winter 2012: The Green Deal; is it worth it?

GBmag Winter 2012
Price: £5.00

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Cover story: The Green Deal, along with its associated Energy Company Obligations, has been billed as one of the governmentís main tools to cut our carbon emissions and energy use. The Green Deal was announced soon after the coalition took office, billed as a consumer-centred revolution in home energy efficiency. But the slow process of proposal, consultation, response, redesign, means that even now it has not quite got off the ground. Kate de Selincourt takes a look at its prospects and Keith Bothwell paints a possible vision of the future...

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