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Aiming for AECB 'Gold' Standard
What can be achieved at reasonable cost to minimise energy consumption of a typical family by thoughtful extension and refurbishment? Will the gas and electricity meter spin any slower? Ralph Swallow, a practising structural engineer with building design practice Fluid Structures, records his first hand experiences, lessons learned, and post occupation monitoring.

A four page article. First published in April 2009

Green Building Physics - Thermal Comfort
In the first of a new series of articles, Gavin Harper goes back to first principles to help us understand some of the basic concepts of building physics – and how these apply to sustainable construction. In this article, we will be examining thermal comfort.

A four page article. First published in April 2009

Energy Pellets
With the increase and instability in fossil fuel prices over the last few months and the green consciousness rising steadily across the UK there is more demand for alternative energy sources. For many the thought of burning biomass is unthinkable, almost heresy and certainly one of the last things we should do. However, with careful management of the world’s biomass resources, there could be benefits. In this article, Gideon Richards looks at the current thinking, the issues surrounding the developing biomass pellet markets and what is being done to ensure best practice and appropriate utilisation.

A nine page article. First published in April 2009

A Self Build Ecohouse
A mother and daughter (Jenny and Maggie) realise their dreams of building an ecohouse, the Gatehouse, for themselves. In the spirit of collaboration, which was sustained throughout the project, they, together with Andrew Yeats and Eric Parks of Eco Arc architects, and their project manager, share their perspectives on the project.

A four page article. First published in November 2008

Green Rush
The rush to capitalise on being seen to be green has turned into a fever. From David Cameron to Marks and Spencer, it seems that in the last eighteen months or so everybody has been scrambling to cash in on their environmentally-friendly credentials. The construction industry is no different with two new green building organisations launched recently ...

A four page article. First published in Summer 2007

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